Looking for an affordable city to move into in Westchester County? To compile this list, we thoroughly reviewed our recent Best Places to Live issue, annual public school rankings, and additional evaluations from Niche.com. We considered various factors, including median area income, home sale/rental prices, crime rates, teachers, and walkability. Whether you’re downsizing for budgetary reasons or starting out on your own, we present our top picks for the most affordable places to live in Westchester County.


This charming village within Cortlandt flaunts a median household income that just exceeded $100,000 a few years back. With affordable rentals averaging $1,487 in 2020 and an average home sale price of $417,000 — significantly lower than most Westchester Counties — Buchanan remains a steal for homeowners, given its property taxes average just around the $10,000 SALT tax limit.


Nestled in Greenburgh, Hartsdale is exceptionally affordable with a household income under $90,000. Home sales hover around $624,000, rents generally fall below $1,900, and low crime rates make Hartsdale an attractive choice for those looking to downsize.


With a growing influx of pandemic expats, this town on the eastern edge of Westchester County is gaining popularity. The average household income is slightly higher, just under $160,000, but home values remain reasonably priced at $625,000.

Mount Kisco

A haven for food enthusiasts, Mount Kisco also offers economical housing options. The average household income is approximately $82,000, making the area particularly attractive to single individuals and young couples.


Ossining’s Old Village section regularly features in our Best Places to Live lists due to its historic sites and focus on natural area redevelopment. The town offers affordability with a typical household income slightly above the $85,000 mark.


Regularly appearing in our Best Places to Live lists, Peekskill has maintained an affordable cost of living. With incomes typically under $55,000, it’s become a hub for young artists and professionals.


This small town is rich in diverse community events and boasts some fantastic food offerings. Although real estate is in high demand, prices remain manageable.

White Plains

White Plains is perfect for those who wish to trade their suburban lifestyle for a city environment. Despite being a bit pricier, the city has a balanced cost of living, with an average household income of approximately $84,000.


Specifically, Northwest Yonkers, often referred to as “Woodstock Park,” is ideal for the young demographic. Average incomes fall below $62,000, keeping rents low — under $1,400 on average.


Yorktown, with its diverse residential neighborhoods and multiple downtown/commercial districts, is increasingly attracting suburban residents. Average household incomes stand around $120,000, with property values at about $525,000.

Each of these locations has its unique perks and features. They all stand out for their affordability in various aspects, making them appealing options for those looking to find a cost-effective place to live in Westchester County.