About Us

Property Records of New York is an online home history detail company that generates property reports for potential homeowners that are looking to know more about a specific property that the real estate realtor can’t provide. Property Records of NYC has been working with new and current homeowners since the early 1990s. The Property Records of New York works will all New York residents across the state.

Each report includes numerous details pertaining to the property like; sales records, foreclosure activity, demographics, teacher-to-student ratio, and much more. Each report is unique due to every property being unique. Most property reports will go back as far as the home was first built. This information helps new homeowners know if major renovations were made like an added bedroom, upgraded kitchen, and more.  

Each report will usually take anywhere from 10 to 21 business days to complete and send out. During the process, a group of team members will gather all the available information on the property, copy the current deed and create a detailed report.

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